Facebook Message Scam

A fellow member of a small Facebook group received this message from someone who had recently joined the group.  It’s a variation on the classic email scam claiming to come from someone with a terminal illness who wants to send you their money.

Don’t get taken in by it.  This scammer doesn’t want to send you anything, they just want to take your money which they will do by telling you that you need to pay “fees” before they can send you the donation.

The message comes from “Stefanescu Jorge” (I’ve reported the account to Facebook).  If you receive a similar message report the profile it comes from to Facebook and delete the message.

It reads:

“Hello, I apologize for this way of communicating with you.  I just saw your profile and you are the right person In summary, my name is Gorge Stefanescu American origin and I live in FRANCE.  I suffer from a serious illness that condemns me to death.

It is cancer of the throat and I have a sum of 60 000 Euros.  I would like to donate to a serious honest person.  I am owner of a car accessories import company.

And I lost my husband only 3 years ago, I had a lot in question and I could not remarry so far ,we did not have children.  I would like to donate this amount before my death.  Maybe my days are guilty of this disease and I have had no recourse.

I do not want knowledge to continue, if you can enjoy this gift here is my address.”