Facebook. The new password to your account. N0137

Facebook will NEVER change your password automatically.  The “attached document” will be a trojan that will most likely be after confidential information or will send you lots of unwanted advertising.  I don’t which because I didn’t open the attachment.  Neither should you.  DON’T OPEN THE ATTACHMENT.

Look at all that rubbish text at the bottom of the email. The real Facebook would never send you all that.  Delete the email.

Security service of FaceBook.

Your password is not secure!
To secure your account the password has been changed automatically!
Attached document contains a new password to your account and detailed
information about new security measures.

Thank you for attention,
Your Facebook

Which seemed to remind my friend the policeman that he had authority
to exercise. He began to poke his stick into the humped backs of poor
Jewish tailors, and into the ample stomachs of fat Jewish housewives.
Come on now, get along with you, and let somebody else have a bit o
the street. I pushed my way forward, by virtue of my good clothes, and
got through the press about Carpenter, and took him by the arm,
saying, Come on now, lets see if we cant get to the Labor Temple.
There was a crowd following us, of course; and I sought to keep
Carpenter busy in conversation, to indicate that the crowd was not
wanted. But before we had gone half a block I felt some one touch me
on the arm, and heard a voice, saying, I beg pardon, Im a reporter for
the Evening Blare. Now, of course, I had known this must come; I had
realized that I would be getting myself in for it, if I went to join
Carpenter that morning.