Yet another scammer who wants to “let you know the truth”.  “Truth” being a word that his scammer clearly wouldn’t know the meaning of.  And yet another scammer who thinks that telling me someone in Nigeria wants to send me money will make me believe them.  It won’t!!!

Ignore this idiot.  You know perfectly well that you aren’t expecting “funds” from Nigeria.


My name is Mr Ibrahim Abdullahi Lamorde the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission(EFCC) New Executive Officer in Nigeria. I was until my appointment the Director of Operations of the EFCC under the leadership of the erstwhile Chairperson Mrs Farida Waziri. I understand you were expecting a certain amount of funds to be wired to your bank account for so long but your expectation was not met.

I am contacting you to let you know the truth, which is that the activities of some internet fraudsters has been stifling all of your effort and ours. Which has caused you to pay vast sums of money into wrong hands who frequently impersonate the identity of real Government and Bank Officials to help make themselves and their scam appear legitimate.

They were really a problem to the tenure of Mrs Farida Waziri but i promise they will not be the same problem to my tenure in as much as you will be willing to trust in me. I will be ready to help in delivering your fund sum to you with your honest and sincere co-operation with my Office. If you believe i could be of immense assistance to you, do inform me accordingly.

Mr Ibrahim Lamorde,