Fake Morrisons Giveaway on Facebook

There seems to be a spate of fake store pages being set up on Facebook.  In this post we’re going to look at a fake Morrisons supermarket giveaway.  The theme is common – the store will give £35 plus a bag of goodies to everyone who likes and shares the post by midnight. 

These are all fake.  No organisation anywhere ever gives away cash and goodies to everyone that likes and shares.  Yes, sometimes they will run a competition and pick one or two winners, but they never give things away to everyone.

These pages are “like” farms – designed to take in the gullible and get lots of likes.  Then these pages can be sold (yes, I know it’s against Facebook’s T&Cs, but there are several websites where you can do this) or they can have their name and purpose changed.  Either way, the new content instantly reaches thousands of people – thousands of people gullible enough to have been taken in by their fake giveaway.  The very people who are most likely to interact with the new page content once the page has been changed.

Here’s a video I made about the fake Morrisons giveaway – and if you find it useful, please give it a like and subscribe to my channel.