For Your Urgent Attention

Saturday, March 14, 2009 12:49 PM
“Barrister Khonah”
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For Your Urgent Attention.

My name is Khona and I am the legal practitioner representing the family
of the former president of Liberia. I have the instruction of the family
to contact you for a possible mutual business relationship. The family
has some legitimate funds which they want you to receive on their behalf
for investment and safekeeping. The status of my client being the family
of the ex-president cannot operate bank account. The money which runs
into millions of US Dollars is currently deposited with a finance company
awaiting official lodgment into the banking system.
It is the wish of the family therefore to have you as their partner in
whose name the account would be opened for lodgment of the funds
into the bank.
Please take note that the money runs into millions of US dollars and the
actual amount would be disclosed to you only after you have indicated
genuine interest to work with the family.
In your response, you should include your direct contact telephone line,
company’s name if any and your full address.
On receipt of your response, I will send you full details of the
transaction and evidence for the existence of the funds.
You will be compensated for extending your cooperation to the family.
Thank you.

“For Your Urgent Attention” our spammer is not a “legal practitioner” representing anybody—except himself. He’s a liar and a robber, so delete this spam and be safe!