Free Time Job Offer!!!

James Dishmon isn’t looking for Secret shoppers, he’s looking for suckers.  Suckers who will fall for his scam and start sending him money.  legitimate secret shopping organisations don’t send out random emails.  They wait for you to visit their website and apply for a position.  Ignore this scammer.


A position is currently available for any individual in the UNITED KINGDOM/UNITED STATES/CANADA who is interested in becoming an evaluator/Secret shopper.


1. Minimal Computer usage skill e.g Desktop, Laptop or Mobile phone.

2. To become a mystery shopper with Evaluating Research Inc.® you must be over the age of 18 and all you need to do is to register with us today by providing your details below and start shopping Evaluation!

Kindly reply with the basic information below to get started.

Full Name…
Full Address …
Mobile/Home number (s)…
Email Address….

We’re looking for thousands of particpants to become mystery shoppers,tell us
about their experiences in shops, pubs, clubs, hotels and many more places

It is a flexible, fun and rewarding job. There is no charge to become part of
our teams.

You do not need previous experience, also you would be paid 200pounds For Two
Surveys Per Day; 600pounds for 3days surveys completed in a week

NB: Only participants who replies or responds with their informations above
would be taken seriously.

If you did not request this subscription, please accept our apologies and simply ignore this message.

Warm Regards.

James Dishmon
Recruitment officer/Payment Co-ordinator
Evaluating Research Inc.®