Here we go again.  Yet another fake “barrister” whose client died in a terrible accident leaving millions of unclaimed dollars.  If “Barrister Ahmed” really was a barrister, he’s clearly a dishonest one who wants to steal his deceased client’s money.  Would you trust a dishonest barrister?  Of course you wouldn’t.  As it happens, “Barrister Ahmed” isn’t a dishonest barrister – he’s a scammer and a liar.

There are no millions of dollars.  If you make the mistake of replying, you will find yourself being asked to send money to this scammer.  Ignore him.


With due respect: I am Barrister Zakir Naik Ahmed, financial attorney to the Late Mr. Morris Thompson an America citizen who died in a plane crash with his entire family, you can read more news about the crash by visiting this website;

I respectfully insist you read this letter carefully as I am optimistic it will be open door for unimaginable financial rewards for both of us.

Before the sudden death of Mr. Morris Thompson and his entire family, my late client has a Dormant Account with Bank Sahelo Saharienner for Investment and Commercial Burkina Faso (B.S.I.C).

His dormant account contains huge sum of $60 Million USD (Sixty Million Dollars Only.

I crave your indulgence as I contact you in such a surprising manner; I have desired to have his abandoned sum of $60 Million dollars in B.S.I.C Bank Burkina Faso to be claimed by both of us legally as he left nobody alive to claim this fund.

If your are interested to run this deal with me by accepting to use your bank account to receive this fund as the deceased next of kin, kindly get back to me for more details.

Very important remark , even if your bank account is EMPTY, it will still serve for this claim, be informed that while participating in this project, 50% of this total amount will be for you as my co-operative partner while 50% will be for me as the founder of this project.

I wait for your rapid response via my alternative email address (,) if you are interested to enable me provide more details to you.

My humble regards
Yours Hon. Barrister Zakir Naik Ahmed.