From christian jaja.God bless you.

A reader forwarded me this scam.”Miss JaJa” would be better named “Miss GaGa”.  She tells me a tale of a dead father, lots of money,e tc, etc, – oh yes, and she just needs my help to get to her money.

What she wants is to help herself to my money – or yours – or anyone else that replies.  She’s a scammer who wants to take your money.  Ignore her.



From: Miss. Christian Jaja & Master Maxwell.

Flat 201 High Point Building Eastern Cape,
Johannesburg 2001, South Africa.
Tel: +27-730555725
With due respect I bring greeting to you, I know how surprise this massage will be to you since we
have never meet or interacted before. I write you this proposal, which I believe it would be of great
interest to you. I got your address from South African Information Exchange (S.I.E) in
Johannesburg when I was searching for a reliable and capable foreign partner that will assist me.
I am Miss. Christian Jaja the only daughter of (late) Mr. Jaja Williams of Zimbabwe. During the
current war against farmers in Zimbabwe and from the support of our President Robert Mugabe
to claim all the white owned farms in our country, all the white farmers were ordered to surrender
their farms to his party members and his followers. My father who was one of the best farmers in
our country and treasury of the farmer’s co-operation did not support our president idea, so the
party members invaded my father’s farms and burnt everything in the farm and killed my
beloved father and my mother. I and my junior brother Master Maxwell survived it because we
were still at school when the incident occurred. Before his death he deposits the sum of (Eighteen
Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars). In one of the private security company, as if
he foresaw the looming in Swaziland. According to my father this amount was meant for the
purchase of new machines and chemicals for his farms and established of new farm in Swaziland.
We are looking for reliable and God fearing human that will assist us to transfer this money out of
South Africa. Because we are asylum seekers here in South Africa,
Please beloved If you are willing to make this humble dream come through to move this money to
your country so that we can complete our studies, live a better life and also look for a good venture
where this money will be invested after our education. we agreed to give you 50% of the total sum
as compensation of your effort. And 20% of any other expense you might make after a successful
transfer of this money. All I want is for you to furnish me your details and your personal phone and
fax number for easy communication.
Finally as soon as you have indicated your interest and capability to handle this transaction we
shall give you the contact of the layer. Waiting to hear from you and assured that with your high
cooperation we would get this done.
Waiting for your reply
God bless you
Miss Christian& Master
Maxwell Jaja.