From Dr.Miss. Liling Yao

Oh look – more unclaimed millions in Nigeria.  The streets of Nigeria must be paved with dollar bills, at least they could be if the scammers were telling the truth.  Which they aren’t.

“Dr.Miss. Liling Yao” sounds a little confused, poor dear.  To me her name sounds more Chinese than Nigerian – although her email was sent from Ibadan in Nigeria.  She also can’t decide which title to use – Dr or Miss.

Just ignore her.  All she wants is your money – which she will happily take from you for as long as you are daft enough to send it to her.

>From Dr.Miss. Liling Yao
>From the Desk of the Accountant
Union Bank Nigeria Plc
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Kindly assist me to recover the sum of $20 million, which was deposited by
my late client in my banking unit here in Nigeria.
My client lost his entire family as a result of food poisoned {Bird
I have tried to look for my clients extended relatives, but this
has also proved unsuccessful. After these several unsuccessful attempts. I
contact you to assist to stand as the Next of kin, so that all the legal
document of the deposit will be endorse on your favor as the relation/next
of kin.For I have tried to ask of this deposit, and the director said is a
lost family, why trading on it. All legal document is with me, there is no
risk . I await your detail to enable me file up claim on your behalf Send
your full name and address, Your age and position/phone and fax for oral
talk. Sir our sharing terms will be discussed as soon I here from you, so
that the bank will not confiscated or declared it unserviceable.Await your
Dr.Miss. Liling Yao