Presumably, “Mrs Promise Kumbo” thinks that if she sends her scam as an attachment, I or you or our spam filters won’t realise that her email is a scam.  Sorry Mrs Kumbo, but I can spot a scam simply by the sender’s name.  And – here is that attachment.

Mrs Kumbo is the second scammer today who thinks I “might be surprised to receive this mail letter”.  Wrong.  Scammers don’t surprise me.

Just ignore Mrs Kumbo – if you make the mistake of replying you will find a scammer asking you for money.


You might be surprised to receive this mail letter from me since
you don’t know me personally. I am Mrs. PROMISE KUMBO the
wife of late Mr. Patrick Kumbo who was murdered by the
Zimbabwean war veterans and irate people. I am writing this letter
from Harare, Zimbabwe .
I got your contact address through internet in South Africa, when I
went to South Africa to see my son JOHN. After due consideration
of your Profile, hence I decided to write to you. I write to solicit
for your special assistance to my family Shattered by a tyrannical
government led by a dictator and his (ZANU-PF) ruling party,
Because of land and farmland crisis in Zimbabwean the
government secretly sponsored the war Veterans and some irate
party members to dispose the land being occupied by the white
This action has led to killing of some members of opposition party
including my husband who did not support this ill-fated action. But
before the death of my husband, he anticipated some dangers and
so he smuggled out the sum of US$25.5 million dollars (Twenty
five million five Hundred Thousand united state dollars) to South
Africa and deposited it in a private Security Company With the
intention of using it for the purchase of farm machinery and
chemicals for agricultural Purpose in South Africa and
establishment of a new farm in Swaziland.
This money was deposited in a conceal box as family valuables to
avoid much demurrage in the Security Company. On Monday 24th
of March 2008 before the election started the war veterans and
some supporters of (ZANU-PF) ruling party trooped into our
compound and axed my husband to death and my second son of
25yrs. Since then they have been terrorizing my son Philip but he
managed to escape to neighboring country South Africa as a
political asylum seeker (refugee).Mugabe burned the Media to
publish any news as it will reflect bad on him and also on the
neighboring African countries especially South Africa as it will be
hosting the 2010 soccer world cup.
His position in South Africa does not permit him to open an
account or to operate any business. That is why I want this fund to
be transferred in your account so that you will assist him to invest
the money in your country. If you accept to assist us, all I want
from you is to arrange and come down to Johannesburg , South
Africa so that you can help him to open a non-resident bank
account in your name, or in your company name which will aid us
in transferring the money into your nominating account overseas.
My family and I have two options for you, firstly, you can choose
to have certain percentage of the money for nominating your
account in this transaction or we can go into partnership with you
for the proper profitable investment of the money in your country
whichever the option, fell free to notify him. He will then furnish
you with every detail you need to know.
We have also mapped out 5% of the total sum for any expenses
that might be incurred during the time of this transaction. If you do
not prefer a partnership, we are willing to give you 25% of the
money while the remaining 70% will remain for my family, if you
are really capable and willing to assist us please contact him
immediately in South Africa with this details below. And please
treat this matter as urgent as possible thanks for your mutual cooperation.
I am expecting your soonest and urgent response
TELEPHONE +27 789 400 164
Please treat this matter as urgent as possible,
Thanks for you’re mutual co-operation.
I’m expecting you’re soonest and urgent response.
Best Regards,