From: Sarah Johnson

Scam submitted by a reader

Dearest One,

I am delighted to write you.I am sorry if this mail will come to you as a surprise but am contacting you for a business investment in your country .

I am Sarah Johnson from Ivory Coast and am contacting you because i need your help in the management of a large sum of money that my late father Late Chief Adam Johnson intended to use for for an investment overseas before his death.

The amount is 6.2 Million USD,deposited in a bank here in abidjan.Its such a large amount that i dont even know were to start from due to my age and condition here.I lost my mother long time ago during child birth and ever since then,i have been with my father until his death as the only child.My Late father was a very rich Cocoa farmer and he was poisoned by his business colleauges.Now i want you to stand as my guidian and appointed beneficiary to help me see that this fund is transfered to your account in your country since i am just 20 years and an orphan.I am not safe here because of the political crisis going on here for some time now and am also afraid my late fathers colleagues might come after me.I am presently in the assylum camp because our house was set on fire during one of the political problems here which rendered me homeless.

Please permit me to ask you few questions:
1. Can I completely trust you?
2. What percentage of the total amount in question will be good for you after the money is transfer to your country?
3.Can you help me to come over to your country and further my educational carrier?
4.Can you asure me of the confidentiality of this transaction,So that when coming into your country there would not be focus of attention.
5.Your full name.
6.Your residential house address.
7.Your direct mobile number.
8.Your age and marital status.
9.Your Nationality

Please i will like you to reply me as soon as you recieve this email so that i can give you more detailed information.I have the agreement certificate that my late father had with the bank when he deposited this fund.In my next email,i will send you a copy of my picture so that you will see how i look like.

Please,i will kindly plead with you to keep this transaction very confidential till this fund gets to your account and am assuring you that there is know risk involve.Thank you so much for your expected cooperation

My regards,
Sarah Johnson