Monday, April 2, 2001 10:39 AM
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Good Day,

I am Mr Mansur Muhtar The new minister of finance federal republic of Nigeria
my office monitors and control the affairs of all other bank and Financial
institutions in Nigeria, I am the final signatory to any fund moving from bank
to bank/ Cash payment locally or internationally

This is to confirm the official receipt of your e-mail with regards to your
over due contract /inheritance payment forwarded to my humble office from the
office of the Committee for Contractors/inheritance payment C.C.I.P/ Federal
Ministry of Finance F.M.F

As the Executive Minister of Finance, I really appreciate your kind response
to making sure that you work hard to receive your payment very soon. Mind
you Mr. Donald Hanson presented an affidavit of claim to us authorizing him to
make this claim, based on that we have decided to make the payment only to
you. The amount to be paid is $10.5 million dollars.
It is very imperative that we communicate so that you would know when your
payment will be delivered to you.

Because of too many charges for Cost of transfer etc, and other relevant
documents that will be needed from you to perfect this transaction which will
cost much money, we the Executive board of directors decided to make your
payment available to you in cash through diplomatic means to your doorstep. We are

The good news is that your payment is been packaged in a consignment box,
and I will notify you on a way forward, normally because of the amount of money
involved in this consignments, we totally disregard the idea of having local
courier companies like DHL, FEDEX ETC to handle the delivery of the
consignments to our Foreign debtors to avoid any unnecessary risk.

As soon as your package is ready today we shall hand it over to our
Governmental Banker’s pacific express Courier Service, they will have to contact you
to arrange with you to make the delivery of the consignments to your
location, the courier company will appoint a diplomat who will accompany your
consignments to your doorstep for safe delivery.

There is no much time to waste in this payment process; rather I need you to
comply with every delivery obligations from the diplomatic delivery company,
do re-confirm your full delivery address and your direct telephone number to
me immediately.

I await your quick response.

Best Regards
Mr Mansur Muhtar
Phone:+234 7088 40 8001.
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