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Get out the violins and hankies, I feel a sob story coming on.  This scammer is trying to make you feel sorry for them – before asking you to send them money for fees.  Yes – this is a scammer – not a refugee in distress.  Delete the email and dont reply.

Hi there,

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Please may my letter meet you with joy
Private Email ;

Dear Beloved ,

Please do not be embarrased with my letter to you. it is a shame i do not know
you and i am seeking for thse assistance from you but i refuse to die in
silence. i am crying every night. please help me. i prayed and now i have the
courage to write to may decide to trow my email away, you may also
decide to help me but whatever way you want to look into my problem,please treat
it as you will do to your own child.

My name is Jeanakone Mamadou, the only child of Late Dr.Mahdi Mamadou I am
17years old. My father was a wealthy Cocoa Merchant and the Director of The
Cocoa Union here in Ivory Coast .Trouble began in early 2006 when my fathers
partners began to suspect that my father is not giving proper Accounts of all
the Tonnes of Cocoa Being cultivated by the Local farmers in some villages
because the want him to take out some of the money so the will share among
themselves. But my father refused and say it is against his believe to lie to
other cocoa producers. As a result of these and the envy on the Money, he was
poisoned to death by these his Associates in one of his outings.

But Before his death, he deposited the sum of $8.000.000 (Eight Million United
states Dollars ) In a bank in Ivory Coast for Establishment of New farms. But
now that he is Dead, I want you to stand as My Guardian and Help me Transfer the
Money in your account in your country and Also Invest in Any Good Buisness.
According to the Agreement that My Father have with the Bank, i cannot take
Control of the Money Until i Reach the Age of 25.

Presently I am staying in a camp were people that do not have parents stay.I
have go to the bank many times and cry to the bank manager to give me some money
so I will use and eat and buy medicine.

Many times i have go to the bank and tell them to give me my money but the bank
manager say no, because the sign agreement wit my father that i must be 25 years
and above .but i want to ave new and beter life because i am sufferig so much.
finally,the Bank manager advised me to provide a Guardian because the will only
release the money to my Guardian as the promised my father.

Please reply to me using my private email address for
confidence and security purposes. Thank you

Have a Nice Day and God Bless you

Jeanakone Mamadou