From:Mr.Collins Thwala.

A reader forwarded me this scam. The main part of the scam came as an attached jpeg – presumably so that spam filters can’t read the text – or to stop me posting it here.   I’m sure you realise that “Mr Collins Thwala” is just a scammer.  He doesn’t have millions of dollars to share with you. He is hoping you will share YOUR money with him.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start asking you to send money as fees.

This message is very important and is the reason why l have sent it to you by attached. l believe you may have received similar email before but l ask that you consider my request as this is not one of those fraudulent emails that even l have occasionally received to my email inbox.

Please open the attachments to this email and forward your response to my private email address as follows:
Kind regards.

Mr.Collins Thwala.