How odd.  “Mr Samaras” has written to my reader to tell  her that she has funds in Nigeria.  Strangely, though, “Mr Samaras” doesn’t seem to know my reader’s name.  He addresses her as “Hello Recipient”.  I bet he called you that too, didn’t he?  And all the rest of the millions of random people that he sent this scam email to.

My reader commented that she didn’t know that Mrs Clinton “had urges in Nigeria”.  I’m not sure I needed to know about Mrs Clinton’s “urges”!!

In case you haven’t realised, this is a scam.  Mr Samaras doesn’t want to send you money, he’s a scammer who just wants to take your money by charging you fees.


Hello Recipient,

Following the recent visit of Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton to Nigeria, she had urges Nigeria to embrace reforms, points to corruption as undermining its government and base on this new development, we at Buzon ABC & Fund Consultant, an Economics Expert from Greece have duly been consulted by the Nigerian Council of Elders In conjunction with the Economics Crime Financial Commission (EFCC) to resolve your bequest fund hitches. We write to authoritatively notify you that it has come to the notice of our Internal Analysis subdivision with the help of our Astuteness Monitoring Network. There is a description authenticating that you have a derelict or an ongoing transaction that have been experiencing some man made irregularities in Nigeria, because of the impostors that normally present themselves as the Nigeria bank officials with some of their Leading banks, such as CBN, Oceanic Bank, Zenith Bank and  Intercontinental Bank, etc as listed in our files.

Meanwhile, during our pertinent Investigation, we have discovered why you have not been able to receive your payment before now, this is because you have been deceived and extorted some of your hard earned money by these corrupt bank officials in the name of transferring your fund into your bank account. Moreover, we also noticed that you have already fulfilled some of the financial obligations in respect of your fund and base on this substantiation; we have made contact with the bank responsible for with holding back your funds, instructing them to quickly release your fund to you or face the consequences of World Financial Crime. Therefore, with all these Clarifications and also to ascertain precision, you would be receiving your fund from one of the leading bank in United Kingdom, please note that this option is to cut out some of the unnecessary costs that are been demanded from you in the past. Due to our ongoing investigation,  you are hereby advise to keep this communication privately as the Nigerian

We shall be waiting for your immediate communication with your direct telephone numbers through our official email address at ( to enable us pass more vital information’s across to you.

Feel Free to ask any question.
Yours in Service,

Mr.Georgios Samaras