Fwd: Attention: YOURDOMAIN.NET Search Registration

This isn’t so much a scam as a con.  A total con.  If I renew my domain through my regular registrar it will cost me approx $10 – these con artists want $75.

Don’t get taken in by this email.  Renew your domain in the usual way.

I tried the “optout” link at the bottom of this email and it took me to a page that claims my unsuubscribe was successful.  I doubt the authenticity of the page as it had some text that should have been links but weren’t.  We’ll see.

Priority Expiration Notification

Bill To: Invoice # 1314314593
Invoice Date Aug 25, 2011
Your Address, Herefordshire Terms Net 14
POSTCODE – US Due Date Sep 9, 2011
+44.1531660440 P.O. #
Domain Name Registration Price Term
YOURDOMAIN.NET Aug 25, 2011 – Aug 25, 2012 $75.00 1 Year


This solicitation is to inform you that it’s time to send in your registration for YOURDOMAIN.NET. Domain Registration Services is a search engine ranking and submission service organization.

Failure to complete your registration by Sep 9, 2011 may result in the cancellation of this offer.

Your registration includes search engine submission for YOURDOMAIN.NET for 1 year. You are under no obligation to pay the amount stated above unless you accept this offer by Sep 9, 2011. This notice is not an invoice. It is a courtesy reminder to register YOURDOMAIN.NET for search engine listing so that your customers can locate you on the web.

This Offer for YOURDOMAIN.NET will expire on Sep 9, 2011. Act today!
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