Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:54 AM
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I am sorry not respond to you on time I have been busy with some other file that is the reason,I am in Ghana for for a reconciliation program concerning all the beneficiaries that have not received their first payment in the western union program.
We are in the verge of conclusion of the file update which is the final process to enable us retrieve your file from IRD which contains the remaining information and the code with which you will us to receive your first payment of USD10,000 from any western union point close to you.
Amount: $10,000 USD
MTCN: 0953194813
Sender’s first name: MARK
Sender’s last name: TIM
Your file will be retrieved with US$218.00 as it is a flat rate reconciliation program fee.
So I will advice that you get back to us so that I will direct you on how to send the money to enable our legal department go for retrieval of your file from IRD to enable us release the remaining information for you to receive your first payment of US$10,000.
As soon as you send the fee today you will pick up your first payment with in 4hours,
Get back to me for the information on how to send the required $218.00 fee. And make sure you keep this very confidential to yourself and we do not want the introduction of any third party in this contract.
Thanks as I wait for your urgent respond.
Anthony Edward
This is spam. Not only do they lie and steal at every turn, they have more excuses than the government, as witnessed by “Anthony Edwards” statement, “I am sorry not to respond to you on time.” You are “adviced” to delete this spam immediately, lies, excuses and all!