Global Conference Invitation

Oh look – another invitation to another fake conference.  I have no idea what the “Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations” is supposed to be!

If you make the mistake of replying, you will find this scammer asking you to send money.  This scammer didn’t “pick” your email address from “an N.G.O`s website” – he or she bought a large list of thousands (or even millions) of random email addresses in the hope of finding potential victims for his or her scam.

Ignore this scammer.  The only thing they are after is your money.

Dear Friend,
My name is Ms. Mabel Franklin, female, working with Global Symposium of
Peaceful Nations (GSPN). EUROPEAN UNION Greece, We are organizing a global
World Conference, Global Peace Index (GPI). Taking place from 21th Junly to
4th August 2010 at Athens Greece. A 7-days Summer tour to Historic tourist
attraction cities around Greece and Rome in Italy from 5th – 11th August 2010.
In our request to invit people from various countries around the world, I went
in search of your e-mails on the web site as a means of contacting people and
organizations As a result, I picked your email from an N.G.O`s website.
If you are interested to participate or want to represent your country, and/or
office you may contact the secretariat of the organizing committee for details
and information’s.Email:
You should also inform them that you were invited to participate by friend of
yours (Ms. Mabel Franklin) who is a member of the European Union All Nation
for Peace and a staff of Global Symposium of Peaceful Nations.The benevolent
donors from across the global and the Organizing Committee is responsible for
the arrangements of all travelling documents and European Union travelling
visa, Registered participants are only responsible for their own Hotel
You may get back to me with my email address below.
Ms Mabel Franklin