Good Day


Do you think that if Mrs Fisher had really left her “life savings to you”, a barrister that you have never heard of and who has “been trying to contact you” would magically find your email address and send you a poorly worded email out of the blue?  Of course they wouldn’t.  There is no money and Barrister Musa is just a scammer.  Delete the email.

Good Day,

I am BARRISTER SHEHU MUSA an attorney to late MRS. REBECCA FISHER who died a year ago.
However, before my client died she wrote her WILL as she had no children so she WILLED her house to the orphanage home and SHE WILLED HER LIFE SAVINGS TO YOU been her relative.
Since she died the bank and I have been trying to contact you but all effort we made proved abortive but I thank God that I finally found where I kept the file with your email address which she gave to me. Note I do not know you before but am courageous to contact you as directed.
Anyway, I want to inform you that this fund deposited on your name is due for collection and you are required to contact me so that I can present you and the claim papers to the paying bank for immediate transfer of your fund to your nominated bank account.
The entire claim papers associated to this deposit valued for US$2.5 Million, is ready and it is with me. Call me if you are ready for your claims and I assure you before 7 working days you will receive your fund.
Best Regards
Barrister Shehu Musa
Notary Public & Solicitor
Shehu Musa & Associates.