Good Day!

“William Baker Jnr” seems to think we are “good friends”.  I can’t imagine what gives him that idea.  Why on earth would he think that I want to be friends with a scammer?

Yes – “William Baker” is a scammer.  He isn’t a soldier in the US army and he isn’t in Baghdad.  His email appears to have been sent from Madrid.

The only thing this scammer wants to do is take your money by charging you fees.  Ignore him.


Hello my good friend how are you doing?My name is William Baker Jnr of the US army,I’m in the engineering millitary unit here in Baghdad Iraq,I need a partner to handle the receiving of some funds and investment procedure until I am discharged from the military.Due to the source of the money I cannot have the funds sent to the US and my military service demands that I cannot run an investment on my own.I am offering you 15% of the total money to be my partner. Pls contact me on this email

Yours Faithfully,
William Baker.Jnr