You have to admire the inventiveness of scammers.  This one claims to be the daughter-in-law of Colonel Gaddafi.  The rest is the usual stuff, she has millions of dollars which she will share with me.

Just ignore this scammer – he or she has only one interest in money – taking money from you.

Good day,

I am Princess Abida Gaddafi wife of late Khamis Gaddafi the son of Colonel Gaddafi the Libyan leader who died in NATO air raid in Tripoli.

I am contacting you to assist me in removing the sum of (US$ thirty six million USA dollars been deposited with a security company abroad.

The funds was deposited with a security company in my maiden name by my late husband as the benefactor before his sudden death.

Due to the fact that the regime of my father in-law Colonel Muarmar Gaddafi has crumbled the entire family scattered all over for safety.

Right now I have crossed the border and I am presently into hiding in Tunisia without any other means of communication unless with my laptop because of security reasons hoping to arrange for my traveling out possible to Europe to safeguard my life and that of my only son since the NTC Government has killed Colonel Gaddafi and still desperate to fish out all his male childred for possible prosecution which will result to their death.

I contacted you to be my appointee so that the security firm can release the consignments on your behalf,and to make this possible I have contacted a reputable attorney in London who will assist us to secure the release of the consignments from the security firm and have them delivered at your doorstep without any hitch or breach of the law.

Feel comfortable to work with me in this regard,I know that you must be afraid of that name (GADDAFI) but I,am assuring you that my late husband deposited the consignments with my maiden name without the name Gaddafi on the record of the security company,this is to avoid trace.

Please for your kind assistance I will offer you 30% of the total sum, all the legal documentation concerning the deposit are with me, I will only write power of attorney making you the new beneficiary of the deposit so that the security company can release the consignment to you.

Bear in mind that the funds was deposited with the security firm as house valuables, therefore they do not know the real content, so the consignment will be release on your behalf as house valuable from the security company whereas only you and me knows the real content.

Once the consignments has been secured from the security company and delivered to you through diplomatic delivery system which is very safe,you will then send me with some money so that I can arrange for my traveling where we can meet ourselves for disbursement.
For your kind assistance I will offer you 30% of the total sum,5% shall be keep aside to offset any expenses we might incur while 65% will be me.

May Allah grant you the heart to assist me and my only son in this our trial period, please never you abandon me with my son just because we are Arabs.
Get back with your details:

(1) Your full name

(2) Full address

((3) Telephone number

(4) Age

(5) Occupation

(6) Country of Resident

Upon the receipt of the requested information we can then proceed without delay because I am here without help from no one.

Princess Abida Gaddafi

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