“Mike Dave” has emailed me from Lagos in Nigeria to tell me that he represents a company in Yorkshire, UK.  I think that’s a bit unlikely, don’t you?

Although I live in the West Midlands of the UK, not Yorkshire, I don’t think that I would count as an “overseas” investment – it’s dry land all the way from here to Yorkshire!

This scammer has no money to invest in “Your Country”, he doesn’t even know who you are or which country you live in.  All he wants is your money – and he’s hoping you will be daft enough to start sending it to him to pay his “fees”.

Good Day,

My name is Mike Dave. I saw your information while going through an online
Directory and would like to know if you have any project in Your Country,
involving large volume of funds, for which you seek financing to
facilitate. I am representing Investment Company from UK, interested in
overseas investment in your country. Presently, My Company is interested
in financing projects and have mandated me to seek and find a reliable
person or company with projects in these fields; Real Estate Development,
Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Airline and various trading.

If you think you have solid background and idea of making good profit in
any of the mentioned business sector in your country, kindly write for
possible business co-operation. More so, the Investors I represent are
ready to facilitate and fund any business that is capable of generating
7-15 % Annual return on investment. If you feel disposed towards the
solicited role, please indicate by prompt response, so that I may provide
you further details. After that we shall then come to an understanding
concerning the prospective areas of investment in your area or elsewhere
to facilitate which will be conducive for the investors.

I look forward to your prompt response via this email address only:

Yours Truly,
Mr. Mike Dave.
Mobile No: +44 703-596-0310.
Quarmby Construction Company LTD.
2, Grove Promenade,Ilkley,
West Yorkshire,UK.