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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 6:26 AM
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King Viljoen & Snyders Inc (Klerksdorp)
17 Golf Straat, Klerksdorp,
North West Province,
P.O Box 676 Klerksdorp 2570


Good day,

I am Barrister Leon Riaan Viljoen. I work with King Viljoen & Snyders
Inc (Klerksdorp) S.A.

I know that you will be surprised to get this message from me as we
have not been formally introduced before but I want you to bear in
mind that this introduction will bring fort a good fortune if things
work out well between us by the special grace of God.

I sincerely wish to apologize for my mode of approach which in the
normal sense is not formal but I am glad that you responded.

The information I have is so vital that I had to look for someone who
does not reside in South Africa to handle this business with and also
to be on the safe side due to the magnitude of the information which
involves the claim of $21.6 million dollars ( twenty one million six
hundred thousand U.S dollars) .

I also want to make you understand that this money in particular is
not traceable and also the mode which the money was deposited is so
carnal because there was not mandate and also next of kin initiated
when the funds was deposited.

The person in particular is a client of mine who died in October 2005
and to be very honest to you, the information about the fund deposit
came to me 2 weeks ago because the financial firm sent a letter to me
stating that my client has not serviced his account since 2005 and in
the letter they wrote, they stated that they have sent series of
letters to his residence in U.K and did not receive any correspondence
and they contacted the U.K embassy and stared making enquires and how
to reach their client and ended up getting my contact from the Embassy
as the attorney to their client and contacted me directly .

The name of my client that deposited the fund is Mr. Alan Williams
who passed out in late October 2005 along side with his wife and some
family friend and also the pilot in an aero plane crash in Tanzania.

You can read more details about his death in the news and please keep
this a secret.

I have tried to reach the relatives of Late Mr. Williams for the
claim of the fund since he did not include any next of kin and he died
alongside with his family but the information I got is that they have
all left the U.K because they had a serious family crises over the
properties left behind by Late Mr. Williams and they sold out all his
properties and left the U.K.

This information left me with nothing and if this information gets to
the financial institution that Late Mr. Williams deposited the fund,
it will be a national cake for them because they will take the fun
immediately since there is no mandate initiated for a next of kin.

I have traveled to the U.K myself to see if there is any possibility
of finding someone related to him but all to no avail.

I have responded to them and also notified them that their client is
late and that I will get back to them once I hear from his family for
the claim of the fund but all my efforts were in vain when I got the
information about his relatives and that was when I had the taught of
making claims to the money but I needed someone who is capable of
handling the situation and also a foreigner because the fund deposit
was not made in U.K. The fund was deposited here in South Africa into
a financial firm which I a details about.

I don’t know how this information sounds to you but I am ready to split
the fund in rate of 70/30 with you because I can lay my hands on all
the necessary and most essential documents that are necessary and
needed for the claim of the fund .

Think about this business offer and if you are interested, give me your:
Full name
telephone number so that I will contact you on the telephone for
further discussions on the necessary steps we need to take because the
financial institution is waiting for my response.

I want you to know that everything will be processed legally and it
will be 100 percent risk free and that is all I promise.

I will be looking forward to her from you and remain blessed as you
read this message.

Barrister Leon Riaan Viljoen
King Viljoen & Snyders Inc (Klerksdorp)

King Viljoen & Snyders Inc (Klerksdorp)

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