Attorney Patrick Collins.
There is not one bit of “good news” in this phishing spam from “Attorney Patrick Collins”—the only “good news” would be in his favor, and that would mean you replying to this spam. Don’t reply, don’t click on the enclosed link, but delete it and let “Patty Cake” have a rotten day.

Monday, March 23, 2009 8:59 AM
“Patrick Collins” <>
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Dear friend,

I apologize for using this medium to contact you as this is the only means
available for me.

I am attorney Patrick Collins of the Collins Law firm. I was handling a case
for Mr. Robert Mochrie, a national of your country, who did a contract for
the Nigeria National Petroleum Company (NNPC) worth 12.5 million USD.

My client had a misunderstanding with the officials of NNPC towards the end
of the contract which lead to non-payment of his contract sum. I followed up
the case for my client and as God would have it, the court order the NNPC to
pay my client’s sum of $12.5 million USD without any delay.

The officials of NNPC have instructed their bank to release the said amount
to my client Mr. Robert Mochrie, since the money is now ready for payment. I
lost contact with Robert Mochrie for a long time and when I tried to inform
him of the good news regarding the release of his funds, I was informed of
the tragic death of my client and his family members. Please visit the
website below.

All effort to reach his relations proved abortive and the painful thing is
that nobody wants to discuss the incident with me any more.

I therefore wish to present you as a relation/next of kin to the late Mr.
Robert Mochrie so that the bank can release his fund of $12.5 million USD to
us. An insider in the bank informed me that the bank might have a big crunch
due to the on going recession and as such, he advice that we hurry up to
receive the money from the bank.

I guarantee that this is a legitimate transaction which has no negative
implication thus, you do not need to exercise any fear what ever. I have the
entire contract document which will be transferred to your name and other
legal documents to back up our claim.

All I need from you is to reconfirm to me the following contact information

A) Your Full Names:………………

B) Your Contact Address:…………..

C) Home Telephone:……………… Cell phone:…………..

D) Occupation:………….. Position:……….

E) Sex……..Age……….

As soon as I receive this information, I will immediately make a
presentation to the bank to enable them start the transfer process.

Please send the information to my alternative email address below.

I urgently wait to hear from you as soon as possible.


Attorney Patrick Collins.