Great offer (now hiring)

It’s been a few days since anyone wanted me to help with money laundering.  Today I’m told I “certainly have an impressive range of skills and qualifications”.  How flattering.  Strange that the person writing that has no idea who I am.  

They are an international company and they are “hunting on energy people”.  Blimey – they’re after me!  And so will the Police be if you get sucked into this.  There have been a few cases recently of people being prosecuted for money laundering after becomming involved with these scammers.  

Delete the email and don’t reply.  If you are desperate for money, approach your local credit union or check out your local supermarket or factory to see if they have any casual work available.


International company is hunting on energy people, looking for  a fast career 
development with high salary in the United Kingdom. This position is limited.

You certainly have an impressive range of skills and qualifications. We serve 
some of the famous companies in the US and European Union and work on many of 
the  most  advanced  experimental  escrow  services  today.  We are currently 
looking for individuals who possess an outstanding work ethic and  a mind for 
business to fill our Official Representative Position.

The requirements are the following:

a) United Kingdom resident.
b) Minimum experience is required from You and from Your PC!.
c) You are 21 or older.
d) Skills to use the Internet resources.
e) Ready to work 5-8 hours per week.

Successful candidates must possess excellent verbal and written communication
skills, be honest and responsible.  Previous experience in service manager is 
If You found Yourself interested in this vacancy,  please, send us Your CV or 

If You like the position, You will be able to start working within three days. 
If You feel that position is not for You please let me know anyway and I will 
appreciate Your reply.


You will get all additional details within 24 hours.

Best regards,