Greetings from Hong Kong

It’s been a few days since I posted to this blog.  I took a break – the scammers didn’t.  I’d need a calculator with extra added memory just to add up the millions of dollars I am supposed to be owed.

“Mr Wong” offers me greetings and tells me he wants to share $44.5m with me.  No thanks.  You don’t want to share money with me – you’re a scammer and you want to take money from me.

Ignore “Mr Wong” and his scam.

Greetings from Hong Kong

Dear Friend, this is Mr. Peter Wong from Hong. I am sending you this message concerning a Business Proposal of 44.5MUSD and I want you to partner with me in this project. This business with benefit you a lot.

Please contact me back with the below address for details. Thanks. I await your prompt response.

Mr. Peter Wong