Greetings from miss Victoria,

The title of this email sounds like a Victorian novel.  Probably appropriate as the writer is clearly good at writing works of fiction.

This is a scam.  “Miss Victoria” isn’t the daughter of a rich cocoa farmer and she doesn’t have millions of dollars.  What she does want to have is your money.  She is hoping you will fall for her story and start sending her money.  Ignore her.

Greetings from miss Victoria,

My Dearest One,

My name is miss Victoria Jones, I am female,19 years of age and I am from Ivory Coast.I know that this mail may look very worrying and disturbing to you as I do not know you in person but I will plead that you go through it closely and help me because I am really in need of your help at this point in time.

My late father,Vicent Jones was a very rich cocoa farmer who was into exportation of cocoa products.he was poisoned by unknown person last year and this is why I am contacting you now. My father deposited an amount of money $15(Fifteen million) u.s dollars in a bank here in Ivory Coast(West Africa).Please this is why I am contacting you now to stand as the foreign partner and the next of kin which is the beneficiary to the money.I have avoided disclosing this to any of our relatives because I do not know who killed my father and the person may also start seeking for my death after knowing that I can succed in future.

Please help me to transfer this money into your account from here.I will like to come over to your country immediately this transfer is executed into your account.I know that anything you wish as your compensation in helping me will be good for us because this help must come from a foreigner who does not know my background. when I gets your response to this mail I will give you the necessary information reguired to carry on the transfer.

I will appreciate your urgent reply.

Thanks and God bless you.
Yours sincerely,

Victoria Jones.