Submitted by a reader:

I have gone to deposit the bank draft of $750,000.00 and some gift items
my boss left
for you with TNT Delivery Company. At the moment, our office is
closed until end of March.For your information, I have paid for the
delivery charges and Insurance Premium of the bank draft. The only
money you need to pay to TNT Delivery company for them to delivery
your draft direct to you is ($195.00 US) Dollars for security keeping. I
would have paid this fee but they said no because they do not know when
you will be contacting them. You have to contact TNT Delivery
service. now for the delivery of your bank draft. Contact detail is
given below:
Contact Person:Mr. Mr. BENSON Mark,
For More info Call: +234-7036371149
Email :
Finally, make sure you confirm your postal address() and direct
telephone number with TNT company to avoid any mistake on your
delivery and ask them to give you the tracking number to enable you
track your package and know when it will get to you. Hope I have
properly informed you.
Yours faithfully