Greetings:Your Kind Attention Needed

What a lot of rubbish!!! This scammer would have me (or you) believe that their scanning system can tell the value of a bank card – quote “to the tune of” $1.5.  This is just an advance fee scam.  The scammer asks you send them $139.

Don’t send this scammer anything.  Once you start sending money, you will find yourself being asked for more and more.  Just delete the email and don’t reply.

P.O BOX 55, NEW YORK NY, 10116-0555

This is to notify you that we intercepted your parcel from DHL/UPS courier service from delivering the parcel to you for security reasons stated below.

1. Our scanning system detected your parcel containing a confirmable
CARD to the tune of US$1, 500,000.00 USD.

You are obliged to obtain A Duly Sworn Affidavit from the Spanish High Court in Spain to back up the the origin of the Parcel,this is in line with the Anti Terrorist Campaign due to the Law Implemented by U.s.a Government to protect and reduce the terrorist activities.

We kindly advise you to contact the Agent in Madrid, Spain to get the Sworn Affidavit for you, while we wait to receieve it to enable us terminate the delivering of your parcel containing Credit Cards/Draft/Cheque and Other Personal Items to your home address,please note that the cost of the Affidavit only cost $139 which must be paid by the receiver of the parcel.Below is the Agent in charge he will advise you on how the payment should be made, contact him immediately you receive this notification.

Name: Mr Michael Boston
Tel:0034 639 032 542

We shall forward the card to you as soon as we receive the Duly Sworn Affidavit,we are doing this to secure your interest considering the Credit Card frauds and stolen cheque which brings problem to America Citizens and all around the world.

Your Prompt response is most highly desired to terminate the delivering of your parcel.

God Bless America

Mr William R Gillian, Jnr
Chief Postal Inspection Service.