Hacked Facebook Account

A hacked account posted a message in one of the groups I belong to. It said:

“Sehr wichtige Informationen zum Teilen

Es dauert einige Minuten kostbarer Zeit 

Ich möchte heute um 09.56 Uhr nur einen schweren Unfall melden. Tritt Facebook bei, um Videos und Fotos des Opfers zu sehen und zu sehen, ob du sie”

A quick search on FB tells me the message is common and the time changes.
If you click on the link they give you, it takes you to a page where you are asked for your Facebook log in details – email and password.
If you make the mistake of filling this in, go back to FB and change your password otherwise these hackers will log in to your account and post the same message.
Once you’ve given your FB details you are taken to a promotions page where you are asked for your mobile number and agree to received paid promotions.
I made a video about it for the youtube channel