This is a classic hotel scam.  “Rev Raymond” claims he wants 6 rooms for 6 people who are visiting for a religious program.  Obviously he has no idea where your hotel/B&B is located and doesn’t really care as there is no such “religious program”.  If you reply (which I will do using an online, scam only, email address) you will find the “Rev” will claim he needs to send you more money than you ask for, so that you can pay a car hire company, or travel agent, or whatever.  Simply put – he wants you to send money to his scammer accomplice.

Ignore this scammer.


I want to make a reservation in your facility for Six (6) newly ordained priests from Malaysia; they will be visiting your country for a seven (7) day religious program in the month of December.

Arrival Date: 3rd December .2010

Departure Date: 9th December.2010

Number of guest: 6 Persons

Number of rooms: 6 Rooms

Kindly confirm availability and get back to me with the total cost to pay, so that we can pay the necessary deposit charges for the rooms to be reserved for them. Am waiting for your urgent response as soon as possible. Thanks

Best Regards