Hello can we be friends!!

“Pamila” isn’t looking for a man who is “loving, caring …..” she is looking for a man who is daft enough to fall for her story and start sending her money. She (or he) is a romance scammer.  If you make the mistake of replying – she will send you a photo of a gorgeous, sexy girl.  It won’t be a photo of herself – and then when she (or he) thinks you are starting to be taken in by the scam you will start receiving requests for money – for fares to visit you, or visit sick relatives, or …….

Ignore this scammer – and anyone else that writes claiming they are looking for love.  No-one who is genuinely looking for love will send out thousands of random emails to people they know nothing about.

If you are interested in online dating, join a reputable online dating site such as Dating Direct and KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU.  There are lots of scammers about, even on legitimate dating sites.  NEVER send money to anyone you meet on a dating site – however legitimate they might sound.  Demands for money are an alarm bell warning you of a scammer.

My name is ms Pamila am a young girl, single never married, My pleasure getting
your contact here over my quest in search for a relationship. I will like to be
your friend. I believe that age, distance, race and colour do not matter, rather
what matters most in relationship is the understanding that exist between the
parties. i want to meet a man who is loving, caring, understanding,honest,
sincere, and accept me who and what i am, the man who is there to love me for
the rest of his life the man always there for me every moment. a good man who
can be my partner in life, and to build a happy family with.i want to meet
someone who can make me laugh, someone i can share a lifetime with hope that
someone is you, So in a specially manner i will like to further communication
with you so as for us to know each other well of which i will like you to reach
me through my email address ( pamilamark@hotmail.com ) i will like you to tell
me more about your self so that in reply i will tell you more about my self as
well as sending you my picture