Hello Dear!

“Miss Hani” starts her email with a typical phrase used by scammers – “Hello Dearest”.  I’m not her “Dearest” and neither are you – or any of the other thousands of people who received the same email.

I can’t imagine why she thinks her email might surprise me as I get several scam emails each day.

She isn’t any of the things she claims and she certainly doesn’t need help receiving her “inheritance funds”.  What she wants is for you to fall for her story and start sending her money.  She’s just a scammer.  Ignore her.

Hello Dearest,

I know this might come to you as a surprise, but please do accept it in good faith and treat as a matter of urgency with utmost confidentiality.

I am Miss Ariana Hani from Khartoum-Sudan; Northeastern Africa, now seeking political asylum in Dakar Senegal under the UNHCR as a refugee.

I am searching for a true friend, kind and honest to stand as my foreign representative to help me receive my inheritance funds so I can leave this camp and come to your country to continue my education.

Please kindly reply if you know in your heart you would want to help me. Remain Bless.