Hello my new friend

“Svetlana” doesn’t want to be your “new friend” – and that photo is probably from a stock photo site.  This a “romance scammer” – a cunning scammer who wants to befriend you, pretend to make you feel loved and then start asking you for money.  She (or he) will start asking you for money to pay for fares, sick relatives, or anything else s/he can think of.

Do not reply.

If you are interested in online dating, join a reputable online dating site such asDating Direct and KEEP YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU.  There are lots of scammers about, even on legitimate dating sites.  NEVER send money to anyone you meet on a dating site – however legitimate they might sound.  Demands for money are an alarm bell warning you of a scammer.

Hello my new friend!
I am very glad to write my first message to you!
My name is Svetlana, I’m 29 years old. I the young and nice woman. I
love an active image of life. I like sports and rest on a nature. I
want amicable and large family. I’m very sociable, very interesting,
happy girls, but unfortunately alone, and I had never been married. I
have a dream to meet the right person for me and to get married. I
know what I want from a man and what I can give him. I do not like
only receiving, I can also give back. It’s about love, caring and a
lot of other things that make our lives happy. I hate egotistical,
unintelligent persons, I would like to meet a man with a good
education, kind, honest, who will not play games and who’s really
looking for a serious relationship. I wish to love and to be loved, to
be with my darling in good and bad times, to enjoy every minute spent
with my only one. I believe that it’ll happen! I send you my photo. I
hope you enjoy my photography. I will wait your photo! If you write to
me, i send to you more photos! In the next letter we are about each other more!

Write to me at my e-mail : finegirll@BonBon.net

I wish you a good day!
Your Svetlana!