Dear friend,
I wish to begin by way of introduction. I am the first and only surviving
daughter of my father one of the foremost and rich farmers in Zimbabwe
that was murdered in the land dispute in my country. Before the death of
my father, he had given me the certificate of deposite he used to deposit a
huge sum of money in one of the private security companies in Europe, as
family valuables, when he realized the looming dangers in Zimbabwe.
This amount was meant for the purchase of new machineries and chemicals
for the farms and also for the establishment of new farms in Swaziland.This
land dispute started when President Robert Mugabe introduced a new land
reform, which was particularly targeted at the rich white farmers and a
few black farmers.

This resulted in the gruesome killing of rich farmers and the unlawful
possession of their properties by Mugabe’s war veterans, under the disguise
of fighting for the interest of the country. It is against this background
that I fled the country with my family,to the United Kindom where we are
currently seeking asylum.
I have decided to seek foreign assistance, as the United Kingdom law prohibits
asylum seekers from operating bank accounts or involve in financial transaction
of any kind, hence this letter to you. All I need is your trustworthiness to
be able to entrust the above said amount and help me with investment opportunities.
My family’s survival depends on this money as we have virtually lost all our assets.
We shall discuss in detail the modalities involved when I hear from you.
I await your reply through the above media, while I implore you to
maintain the absolute secrecy required to ensure a safe and hitch free transaction.
I shall furnish you with more details on request.
Yours truly,
Throw poor Spammy Sammy a life preserver quick! Just make sure it has enough weights attached so he’ll sink like a rock!