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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 9:03 AM
“Internet TV Pass”
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Why pay high monthly fees to watch TV?
Cable & Satellite bills are becoming more and more expensive these days.

Watch all of your favorite shows with satellite television on your computer!

Your Online TV Remote Code: 4863

Top 5 Watched TV Shows Online:
House, Lost, 24, Gossip Girls, Heroes

Enjoy News, Sports, Weather, Educational Broadcasting, Children Channels, Home & Gardening, Cooking, Shopping & a wide range of multimedia content.

Online TV Networks is an easy-to-use computer program that legally accesses thousands of television channels from all over the world and sends them to your computer through the internet!

Your Online TV Remote Code: 4863

Once you receive this software be prepared to watch sports, news, sitcoms, dramas and other programming from around the globe!

Testimonial: “Pure genius, in the near future, this will be the new standard for television” – J. Andrews. London, England

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Adam Michaels
Online TV Analyst

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