Hey, I could really use the help, (it’s Part Time work)

Bloomin’ ‘eck.  I was expecting the usual dodgy, fake, work from home and get paid by check then send some to a third party type scam.

Not a bit of it.  The link doesn’t even take you to a job website – real or otherwise.  First it takes you to a site that does look as if it might be offering you work:Good – so you can’t resist applying, right?  Click on “Apply Online” – and you expect an application form?  Ah, no – you get this:Yes, that kind of job.  The kind that is a fake competition.  Now you really want to continue applying for this job, don’t you?  So keep going so the spammer can get a hold of your (fake) email addressWhat does that say?  The brand promoted isn’t participating in this promotion??  Weeps into tissue.  Does that mean I’m not going to win a shiny new phone after all?  I’m heart broken.  But don’t worry, if you’re daft enough to have continued your email will be flooded with emails from ukprizecompetition.com.  I took a look at that website – and I’m non the wiser as to what all this is really about.

Stay safe.  Ignore this spammer.


I need a few people for some part-time help with some online work that I have. The work is pretty easy, and the hours are flexible, but it is too much for me to do by myself, so I thought that I would email a few people and see if you would be interested.

The pay is competitive, and the work is rather easy – there’ s just a lot of it that needs to be done. It is primarily data entry work. You will be doing it from your home, so you will need to have reliable internet access and of course, either a laptop or computer.

If this sounds like something you’ d be interested in, then please visit the link below for more information. You’ ll pretty much be able to set your own hours, as long as you get the work done. Please, I only want to work with reliable people. It’ s fine if you can only work part-time hours, but I need reliable people I can depend on.

Details are right here on my website

Thanks for your time!
Timothy Miller

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