Sunday, March 15, 2009 4:51 PM
“Mrs Susan Walter” <md_hassan1@post.ro>
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My Dear,My name is Mrs. Susan Walter, I live at 3775 Oleander Dr Highland, Ca 92346,United State.I am one of those that executed a contract in Nigeria years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $70,000USD trying to get my payment all to no avail.
Somebody directed me to travel down to Nigeria with all my contract documents to meet Barrister B. John who is the member of CONTRACT PAYMENT COMMITTEE and LEGAL ADVISER to the COMMITTEE, and I contacted him and he explained everything to me on telephone and advised me to come down to Nigeria which I did.He said that those contacting us through emails are fake. Then he took me to the paying bank, which is Central Bank of Nigeria, and I am the happiest woman on this earth because I have received my contract funds of $20Million USD. On the process of searching for my file,I saw your information on awaiting payment list in the office of Barrister B. John .Though I did not capture all your information.
Am sorry contacting you late as I planed doing it

Name: Barrister B. John

Email: barrister_johnbrown1@post.ro

Tell: +234-808 7787 899

Address: 123,Palm Avenue Palm Grove,Lagos Nigeria.

You really have to stop your dealing with those crooks contacting you okay because they will dry you. up until you have nothing to eat.The only money I paid was just $320 for Federal Inland Revenue Services (F.I.R.S). So you have to take note of that and for more directives. You can reach me on this Tell:001-267-480-8690

Mrs. Susan Walter
Our Spammy Samantha has a sad tale to tell—not about a Disease of the Week, but how she was spammed by the Nigerian government. I don’t believe a word she has written, because of where she states, “You really have to stop dealing with those crooks contacting you okay because they will dry you up…yada, yada, yada.” Had she not made that statement, I would have bought her story. But she is also a spammer, so if you receive one of these, delete it.