Saturday, March 21, 2009 1:23 PM
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“Billy Chadwick” <billy.chadwick85@yahoo.com>
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western union copy.exe (89KB)
Hello! I ?m sorry that could not write to you earlier. I went in long business
trip in other country. As soon as I have arrived I at once have sent you money by
Western union. All data about the transaction I have attached to this letter.
It is a copy of a transfer of money in your country. I hope at you there will
be no problems with reception of money.Now at last we can be united!
I am very glad to it!!I hope for a fast reply.
Boy, this is almost porn, and I have no idea what “Billy Boy” is talking about! His pidgin English makes me think that my 5-year old grandson has quite a huge vocabulary! If you receive one of these, give Nerd Boy the cold shoulder and delete it.