“Dieter Muller” tells me his client “died interstate”.  He doesn’t tell me which states he was between when he died.  Florida and Goergia perhaps?  Life and death?  Who knows?  Come to think of it, who cares?

This scammer can’t even write a sensible letter, yet claims to “work with a major banking group”.

All this scammer wants is your money, and if you make the mistake of replying, money is what the scammer will start asking you for.


Compliments of the day to you.

I am writing to you on a very important issue that requires your utmost attention. My name is D. Muller and I work with a major banking group in Switzerland.

The bank had conducted a standard process investigation in relation to matters Involving a client who had died interstate and nominated no next of kin / beneficiary to inherit the title (investment) made with our fiduciary firm. I was a part of the delegation of the bank that carried out the investigation. During the investigation we got confirmed and valid evidence that you are whom we seek. We had presented our findings to the bank’s management because it was agreed that our findings and evidence were overwhelming.

But to my surprise, the bank’s management has refused to officially call to your attention on this matter and have kept silent over it thus fueling my suspicion that some of those in management have a hidden agenda to keep this money to themselves as a practice I have seen before.
I am compelled to approach you confidentially to inform you of this matter and the issues around it as I feel you should know of this and claim what is yours. Frankly, I am not happy with what is happening in the bank and I am willing to confidentially guide and help you go about establishing this claim from the bank. I do not demand anything from you in return for this but will be happy with whatever you wish to show as gratitude when eventually you must have established your claim.

I have emphasized the word confidential because I wish to tread carefully with you on this so as not draw any witch-hunt on myself in the bank.

Now, I have every required information known to me that will help you and every step of the process will done in a legal manner. On receipt of a response from you, I will to furnish you with further details, documentations and advice. You can respond through this email dietermullprvt202@ymail.com

I hope to hear from you.

Yours truly,
Dieter Muller.