HMRC notification of indebtedness

If you want to make a career as a scammer, it helps to at least be semi-literate.  This scammer has failed miserably.  I’m told I have to “sick” my debt.

Sick is what you’ll be if you make the mistake of falling for this numbskull’s ridiculous scam.

DO NOT OPEN the attachment.  It’s a .zip file that will contain malware that will infect your computer.  Delete this email.


There are arrears reckoned on your account over a period of 2010-2011 year.
You will find all calculations according to your financial debt, enclosed.
You have to sick the debt by the 17 November 2011.
If not we will have to forward your case to the court.

Yours sincerely,
Ophelia Kurth,
Commissioner of taxation.