Today I received this ridiculous email.  Why on earth would I pay $450 for a domain name?  Typical prices for new domain names range from 88c to around $35.  This domain has no content and no ranking in Google.

I very sweetly offered to send this joker a list of the domain names that I own – all of which have content and all of which rank in Google – in case he’d like to offer me $450 for any of them.  (I wonder how much they’d offer me for keepsafeonthenet.co.uk????)

When I did a whois search on this domain name it appears to be owned by “Domain Asset Holdings”.  A company which, it appears, simply make money by trying to trick unsuspecting website or domain owners into buying further domains and ridiculously inflated prices.

Hello. I’m currently selling domain name HomeOfLearning{dot}com for 450 USD.

I wanted to ask if you might be interested in acquiring it?

Please let me know.

Thank you!