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Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:44 AM
“Bank of East Asia Ltd” <>
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Now that we have found you, let us work hand in hand to actualize this deal. A family member of yours ( or perhaps just a person having the same last name with you died 1997 in Taiwanese airliner crashed Taipei,Taiwan leaving behind an estate/capital of (USD12.5 Million with interest accrued till date) in the Bank of East Asia Ltd,Singapore where I work as an External auditor.
Till date nobody has come forward as an heir or put up an application for the claim (funds).
Please for more details visit this website for comprehensive details about Taiwanese airliner crashed tragedy
Recently during the bank’s private search for a relative to the deceased who could claim the said funds, your name and contact was among our findings that matched the surname of the deceased whose name is withheld for security reasons. He died intestate with no Will or Next of kin to this funds. To maintain the level of security required for the completion of this transaction, I have intentionally left out the final detailed information which i will give you as this transaction progress and your seriousness is affirmed.
I urge you to come forward since I can provide you with the details you will need to claim the estate/capital and also work with you till the final remittance of the funds to the account you will nominate for us, at the end of this transaction the $12,500,000.00 will now be shared between us as follows.$5,000,000.00 for you and $7,500,000.00 for me and my colleagues that will do all the crucial part in the Bank to ensure that all legal procedures are followed as regards the claim and making sure the claim is released to you promptly with no time wasted.
To affirm your willingness and cooperation to this once in a life time opportunity please reply only to my private email

I do expect your prompt response.

Yours Sincerely,

Chang Kee


All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this deal through.I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.
Please get in touch with me by my email Also you are advised to send me your full name,telephone/fax number, mailing address,age and occupation based on trust and honesty and as soon as i get that i shall send to you further detailed information regarding the procedure on how we can both claim this funds and seal this deal of a lifetime
These just kill me because (1) they are addressed to “Undisclosed Recipients” (“Now that we have found you”—which one of us, Spammy Sammy???) (2) They start off so solicitous (“How are you”—like Spammy Sammy gives a crap?) (3) The typing is so unprofessional that a young child could have done it. (4) You can’t make any sense to it and (5) everything is “confidential”. So just delete something like this. It’s nothing but a stupid spam from and ignoramus that doesn’t know his assets from a hole in the ground!