HSBC Online Service – Important security information.

I hope you know that you should NEVER click on a link in a bank email – even if it appears to come from your own bank.

What is this supposed to mean, I wonder -your account  “has upshot an internal error on our processor.”  This is a phishing email – written by a scammer who wants to get your bank account details and help themselves to your cash.  If you point your mouse at the link in this email (don’t click), look at the web address that is displayed at the bottom left of your screen.  NOT the web address of HSBC.  This scammer has hacked into a legitimate website to upload their scam site.

Just delete the email.  If you think you have accidentally given your bank details to a scammer, contact your bank immediately.

The world’s local bank
Dear Customer,

To ensure you are always protected, we are introducing a new programme
on security called BankSecure-cfx-08 and you’ll see a number of initiatives
that will be put in place to enhance your Internet banking experience.

Sequel to the new security measure, our records indicate that your account
was Flagged and has upshot an internal error on our processor.

For security reasons, you must update your account to
restore full access to your Online Banking.
Please Click Here to complete your account update. Sign In to start the
validation process.

Privacy Department.
HSBC Bank plc Online Banking