I just paid your money!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 8:25 PM
“Mr. Coddy Brown” <cbrown@ymail.com>
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Dear Partner,

I sent the payment via Western Union Money Transfer in your name as I do not have your account details correctly.

Please find the transaction details below:

Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 313-XX7-7330
Amount Sent: $162,000 USD
Text Question: Color ?
Answer: Yellow.
Sender Name : Coddy Brown.

NOTE: I have coded the MTCN number to protect you from internet hackers, so that they don’t steal the information and claim your money. But after a due process of your Western Union
Gold Card your MTCN will be activated in the admin database of western union money transfer system.

You can go to any Western union location right now and pick up the cash. I hope that you have a Western Union Gold Card? You will need this to claim the money I send you from any Western

Union agent or location world-wide.

I am currently handling a construction project in Qatar, in the Middle East and it will take 5 to 8 months to complete the job.

Remember that if you do not claim the money before 15 days, they will call back the money to my card. And if you do not have the Western Union Gold Card, you cannot pick up the cash.

I may not be around to reply any of your emails now, since I will always be at the construction site but I will talk to you as soon as I return.

If you do not have a Western Union Gold Card, you may contact the western union postage department, with the agent details below so that they will provide a Western Union Gold Card
for you immediately and also send you the scanned copy of the card via email.

Contact the office below for your Western Union Gold Card:

Contact Person: Mrs. Wendy Flowers.
Email: wupostage9@inMail24.com

Send the requested details to him as indicated below:

Your Full Name:
MTCN number: (as above)
Address: (including state and zip code)

As soon as the office gets the above information, they will use the credentials to create your Western Union Gold Card right away without any delay.

My best regards to you and your family,

Coddy Brown.
Our “friend”, “Coddy Brown” hasn’t paid anything for anyone. He wants you to pay him “your money!!!” If you receive one of these, just delete it.