I need your position


Mr Frank doesn’t want to send you money, he wants to take your money by charging you fees.  Delete the email and don’t reply.

Attention Please
I am John Frank ,working with a consulting firm here in spain,
one of our clients in telegraphic department of our coresspodent bank contacted me to assist him look for a reliable person who will jointly assist him to transfer the sum 9.5million dollars belonging to one of their clients,a sailor,  who died of heart attack.
He has made all efforts to trace any of the relations but could not,so he want to move out the fund from their bank, since he is in the position to do that, instead of the funds being consficated.
If you are interested in the matter, Urgently contact me through this address(
johnfrank202@aim.com) for further directives
Note that there is no risk involve as all transaction will be bank to bank.
Best regards
John Frank