[ID: 487352954] [akor@forthnet.gr] 21-11-2018 04:57:02 I extremely recommend you to study this letter, simply to ensure not a thing may happen

This glorious piece of rubbish comes with a “clacking” clock.  Seriously though – for anyone who has actually been visiting p**n sites, emails like this could be frightening.

Fortunately most people are unable to pay in bitcoin, but those that can should be aware that these are scams.  The writer has no idea what sites you have visited, or what you were doing – they are just after your money.

Just delete this email.  If you have accidentally paid one of these scammers I doubt if there is anything you can do.  Bitcoin is unregulated and untraceable so there is no way you can get your money back.  You will have to learn from your mistake and not fall for the scam again.

Greetings.. .

This letter won’t acquire a lot of your study time, so direct to the issue. I acquired a video clip of you jackin’ off when at the pornpage you’re visited, thanks to a fantastic arse software program I’ve been able to put on a couple of web sites with that kind of content.

You press play button and all of the cameras and a microphone start working in addition, it saves every damn thing through your computer system, including contact information, security passwords and crap like dat, guess just where i obtained this email address from?) Therefore now i know just who i will send that to, in case you not necessarily going to compensate this along with me.

I will place a account wallet address under so that you can throw me 850 bucks within 1 days utmost via bitcoin. Notice, it isn’t that big of a sum to pay, guess that tends to make me not that awful of a man.

You’re welcome to complete what ever the shit you would like to, but in case i will not see the amount within the time period mentioned above, clearly… u already realize what may happen.

Therefore it is up to you now. Now i’m not going to go through all the details and stuff, just don’t have precious time for this and you most likely know that web is loaded with mail like this, therefore it’s as well your choice to trust in this not really, there may be only one way to find out.

This is the btc wallet address:133kstFMcy4u9BrHU6tSywSjdPvKD99XXH

Have a good time and bear in mind that time clock is clacking)