ID Has Been Locked !

I received this little gem this morning.  Have you noticed how many scammers believe, for some strange reason, that adding an exclamation mark makes their scam emails look legit?

The email this was sent from is – a very legit sounding (not) email for Apple to use.

Dear Client

We’ve noticed that some of your account information appears to be missing or incorrect We need to verify your account information in order to continue using your Apple ID, Please Verify your account information by clicking on the link below

Click here to Verify your ID

Thanks for choosing Apple,
Apple Team

For the sake of research I followed the link in the email – which took me to – again, not a legit Apple website.

Below are screenshots of what happened next. Note that there is a fake menubar at the top of each page which doesn’t contain any real links.

In the final screenshot you’ll see that the scammers are after your bank account information.

If you think you have accidentally given these scammers your Apple ID or your bank account information – contact your bank immediately and then log into your Apple account and change your password.

Apple will NEVER send you an email that doesn’t use your full username.  They will NEVER ask you to reconfirm your ID in an email.  If you think there might be a problem with your Apple account, go directly to their website – NEVER click on a link in an email, even if you think it is legit.