“Mr Ho Choi” doesn’t want to invest in your idea or your country.  His only interest is in getting you to send him your money.  If you make the mistake of replying he will start asking you to send him money.  He’s a scammer, just ignore him.

Hello Dear

I am Mr.Ho Choi, a Korean (South) oil veteran looking for new opportunities to invest in small and medium businesses to assist others grow.Found your email on some websites where small businesses are discussed. Which made me think it would be nice to talk to you. I’m pretty aged right now and have donated most of my fortune to charities in Asia,Europe ETC. And taught it would be nice to invest in other people ideas.

I worked in the oil industry for over 47years of my life, I don’t think anything in the oil industry makes any interest to me anymore. I would be interested in a business that would be easy to manage and beneficial of course. If you could prepare a simple one page business plan that would be brief for me to read quickly, I might be interested.

Before I forget, please let me know what country you live.

Best Regard,
Mr.Ho Choi
South Korea.