Important message

This is one of the least convincing Ebay scams.  I hope no-one falls for it.  If you do make the mistake of filling in the attached form, you will be giving the scammer all your bank and credit card information – contact your bank immediately if you think you have given this information to a scammer.

NEVER click on a link in an email that claims to come from Ebay (or a bank – or anywhere else).  Enter the address of the Ebay website DIRECTLY into your browser.  If there is a problem with your account you will see it on your account page.  If you think you have given your Ebay details to a scammer – contact Ebay immediately.  Scroll down to see a screenshot of that scam page.

As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the system.
We recently contacted you after noticing an issue on your account.
We requested information from you for the following reason:
We have observed activity in this account that is unusual or potentially high risk.

Please download the form attached to this email and open it in a web browser.
Once opened, you will be provided with steps to restore your account access.
We appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure account safety.
eBay Account Review Department

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